thr34d5, in collaboration with Volumes Coworking invite you to participate in designing and fabricating the Felt Cocoon; a participative installation piece that will be assembled in the context of Futur en Seine OFF on Saturday June 17th.

From 9 am to 7 pm, we invite the whole community from families with young children interested in a weekend activity to students interested in the possibilities of computational design to those curious about innovative manufacturing techniques using laser cutting, to drop by throughout out the day for a few minutes at their convenience to design a personalized piece and watch the laser cutter etch, engrave and trims your design.
Your new incredible art piece will then be used in the Felt Cocoon’s assembly.


Access to computers with the design software Rhinoceros and plug-in Grasshopper will be provided and will allow you to customize your design onto the provided piece of felt fabric. Members of thr34d5, who are also computational design students at ENPC (AM Design by Data), will be available to guide and assist you throughout the process, while also providing additional demonstrations on the capability and potential of computational design tools. All the required materials and equipment will be provided for this Futur en Seine OFF event.

This event is on a drop by basis rather than a workshop that has to be attended from beginning to end and producing a piece will take a participant approximately 20 minutes. Looking forward to seeing you for an enjoyable day!

Open Agenda event | Facebook event | Free event for all publics

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