Meet A Member: Philippe

“Getting more scientific in growing kombucha pellicles…both at the thr34d5 workshop and in my kitchen!”

– Originally from Le Havre, Normandy (and a little from Germany), materials engineer, Phillippe Hannequart on what he’s looking forward to achieving with his new explorations in kombucha.

Please provide some background on your studies & career.
I studied civil engineering at Ecole des Ponts, Paris, with a double degree at the University of São Paulo. Afterwards, I completed a PhD in materials engineering, studying the potential of shape memory alloys for building facades.

Now, I’m doing research and development with the facade engineering company that funded my PhD – the Arcora & Ingérop Group.

Also, I’m frequently active in NGOs, working on projects involved with emergency housing construction in Brazil or French lessons for refugees in Paris, for example.

What is the thr34d5 project you’ve most enjoyed working on so far?
The kombucha Applied Research Program (kARP) is the project I’ve been working mostly on since I arrived in November 2019.

What problem, question or theme has been stuck in your head recently?
I’ve been thinking a lot about political debates, especially about the French pension system; trying to get impartial information, reading the reports… One of my questions is, how can citizens confront complexity and form an opinion?

Who would you love to have as a mentor & what would you ask them?

An astrophysicist, so that I could ask them everything about how the universe works. I always like to be reminded that I’m not much of a thing.

Mycelium Growth

What challenge or research should we all be paying more attention to?
The scarcity of materials on our planet!
What’s your favourite way to relax?
Looking at people on public transport.
Tell us, Best song to mark your students’ papers to?

Lone, Rival Consoles.

Which future project are you motivated to work on in the coming months?
Getting more scientific in growing kombucha pellicles by varying growth parameters, etc., and growing mycelium, both at the thr34d5 workshop and in my kitchen!