Niels Barateig

Architect / Member of thr34d5.
Graduate from the Master Digital Knowledge, ENSA Paris-Malaquais

Having followed my master’s degree and specialized in digital knowledge, I am sensitive to printing techniques and achievements of exploratory models. Indeed, I have learned, during my master’s degree, how to develop bio-materials from bacteria and fungi. This research has allowed me to learn the scientific rigor, as I worked in partnership with different laboratories (ESPCI and La Paillasse) throughout my master.
I would therefore like to go on working in this environment and develop a new design process from exploration and experimentation. Concerned about the impact of architecture, I believe that the choice of materials and construction techniques are the major points of a responsible project for the environment.

The new biofabricated materials open a reflection on the tomorrow’s architecture and I aspire to develop my knowledge for the benefit of a sustainable environment.


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