In the context of Tomás Saraceno‘s Carte Blanche exhibition in Palais de Tokyo, and in partnership with Aerocene, thr34d5 invites you to a free experimental workshop from November 19th to 25th 2018, using open data, electronics, computational design, and digital + non-digital fabrication technics in order to perform a forensic study of what will be found in a sampled volume of air and reappropriate it your way by giving it a material body.


Throw a balloon at the sky.
See how it floats.
Catch it if you can.
What did it feel?
Where did it come from?
Should you care?
Give it a body by any means necessary.


The participation is free.
No previous background in elctronics, data mangement, or design is required. This workshop is dedicated to citizens! Everyone can apply. As we can only host 15 participants, we will do a selection in order to have the most heterogeneous group!
The language of the workshop in English, although some instructors are french.
Applications are over :/


. Paula Echeverri Montes; Bogota based architect and computational designer, Paula is passionated about enchanting spaces through liquid architecture and interactive installations.
. Paul Carneau; PhD candidate in Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, Paul is an expert of complex geometry management and digital fabrication – especially of large scale robotic 3D printing.
. Waèl Allouche; Amsterdam based artist graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy, he aims at uncovering untouchable phenomenons by embodiement
. Adrien Rigobello; computational designer and academic coordinator of Design By Data, Adrien’s works are situated at the intersection of Materials and Anthropology.

Tariq Heijboer,

dutch graphic designer is partnering with Thr34d5 for this workshop. He will be working with us on-site in order to map the procedural approach we are developping. Tariq has produced the magnificent poster also!