As a medialab we are a research laboratory on media. Because we chose to focus on social resilience (which is quite large), all means are good to be inclusive and fight proletarianization. We specify in researching design conditions at the intersection of open source and craft.
We share a fair bit of values with the Fab City initiative, therefore most of our works are situated in urban areas and this network. Nevertheless, as looking into proposing methodologies, services and products to help isolated and under-represented communities to be autonomous and resilient at large, we are always looking at being able to scale or transfer the research outcomes.

thr34d5 explores new paradigms in design semantics and ways of uncovering knowledge. Our main focus of research is situated on the intertwining of material practices and knowledge transfer by openness.


Connecting Terroirs. Design Practices in the Fab City (Rigobello & Gaudillière, 2019)


kombucha Applied Research Program

kARP is a research program that features workshops, artistic and industrial partnerships in order to valorizing kombucha as a raw material for its communitarian value by fostering the democratization its engineering.

water Applied Research Program

wARP focuses on this crucial common that is water in all its aspects; drinkable, for agriculture, health, to name a few. This program especially focuses on providing open-source blueprints for water potabilization devices.

let’s join forces!

We are opening the programs to curious fellows for collaboration and to offer a space for experiments. We will soon post internship positions, and open our NGO to memberships.

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