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As a young NGO, we rely on citizens to provide with content (open designs, research programs, open source documentations, workshops, and communication operations). You can help us in becoming part of our community as a patron!

If you are interested in visiting our wonderful facility in Paris or meet the team, feel free to contact us here.

What is thr34d5?

Our NGO was born on January 25th 2019 (declaration document), our annual report will be made available on March 1st 2020 and shared to patrons.

In order to keep the activities running we deeply rely on our community.
You can become a patron of us, which is both great for you and us as we’ll get closer to your needs and desires! It has been a strong will of us from the very beginning to be even closer to the field, and now we finally get there.

In becoming a patron you are financially helping us to bring together open source documentation for marginalized communities, prototyping socially ambitious projects to develop open source platforms,… Unless if you wish so, your support will go to any of the on-going initiatives, prioritized by the board and exclusively communicated to you as a patron.

We are estimating our projected overhead between 10 to 12% for 2019. As a young NGO we are monitoring this indicator so to ensure you that the most finances are dedicated to field works and projects developments. A detailed financial report will be made available in the annual report.

Let’s make the world fairer together, become a Patron!

Any questions, you can contact us at