Our team is interdisciplinary and dispersed.
That’s why people like us.

We cover areas of Computational Design and PerformativeDesign, Industrial Engineering, Structural Engineering, Advanced Digital Fabrication & Robotics, Architecture, Participative Urbanism and Design, Coastal Engineering, Creative Direction and Curation, Higher Education and CrashCourses, and obviously in Strategic Design. We are working with collaborators in Fashion Design, Machine Learning, Environmental Engineering, Graphic Design and expanding by the moment.

Adrien Rigobello (FR)

president, founder, kARP director

Tim Leeson (AU, ZA)

board member, wARP director

Vivien Roussel (FR)

board member

Nadja Gaudillière (FR)

board member

Paula Echeverri Montes (CO)

board member

Waël el Allouche (TN, NL)

creative director

Mladen Babic (MT)


Alvaro Cosido Lopez (ES)


Paul Carneau (FR)


Niels Barateig (FR)



Our family is alway growing.
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