Tim Leeson

Co-founder & Editor of Gippslandiaquarterly newspaper showcasing Gippsland, Australia.
Computational Designer / Co-founder of thr34d5.
Editorial team of Good Sport – global, biannual sports magazine out of left field.
Graduate from the Advanced Master Design by Data.
Former Intern with MakerSpace at Volumes Coworking.
Former Coastal Numerical Modeller with the Ports & Marine Terminals team at Advisian, Cape Town, South Africa.

I enjoy the ocean; riding waves, swimming under waves, studying waves or modelling waves and coastal processes. Sea level rise due to climate change is a preeminent challenge.

Not only do designers need to be able to solve problems using holistic or systems analysis, but they must be able to clearly communicate their findings and the path forward. Enjoys learning about the challenges in delivering design solutions for cultures other than his own (fueled by time spent studying in France, New Zealand & Taiwan, and living in China & South Africa), and collaborating in multidisciplinary teams.

There’s a lot of fun to be had in getting your hands dirty (your boots & clothes too), whether that is through site visits, prototyping or exploration in a fab/bio lab.

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