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thr34d5 is an NGO design studio fostering social inclusion. We conduct design research supporting auto-determination through crafts and open source. As such, we design processes, objects, installations, architectures, educational programs. Always open. We also produce artworks. Sometimes.

How to live in the era of the Anthropocene, design multi-generational, multicultural, trans-species societies. Not just based on age, social origin, or gender, thr34d5 focuses on the production and transmission of design methodologies based on synchronicities and trans-species communities rhythms.

thr34d5 practices a milieux design, a community-oriented design.
We are a medialab for social resilience.
Dougnut Economy (Kate Raworth, 2018).

thr34d5 medialab

Social Resilience covers a wide scope of topics; it is aiming at large to contribute to enhancing social foundations in a situated manner. The Dougnut Economy diagram proposed by Kate Raworth illustrates the framework we are evolving in. We are researching at the moment on open sourcing access to drinkable water, ecological alternative to leather, open source interfaces for inclusion, and education to the digital in countries from the economic south.

Experiment documentation from the kombucha Applied Research Program by thr34d5 (credit: thr34d5).