thr34d5 [θredz] (threads)

Medialab for social resilience,
thr34d5 is a strategic design studio gathering experts across the world researching and developing new physical and digital media to help social resilience.

While abolishing the Nature-Culture modernist dilema by typically including non-humans in the narratives, we are contributing to the post-anthropocentric philosophy, that is before anything a way for us to foster intercultural and cross-social-classes collaboration for human communities resiliencies by inclusion.

Acknowledging the Anthropocene as a relevant concept to lead our initiatives, we are mobilizing our brains and arms in order to propose products, services, or infrastructures paired with implementation systems and their own ecosystems. Although Technology has an important role in our processes, our goal is not to develop new technologies, but to open source engineering techniques (media) by mobilizing design narratives; sometimes a way to acquire data, some other times a way to make sense of them or to act back on the world; Technology is a tool before being a goal.

thr34d5 is home to people seeing information everywhere, to the ones that are eager to uncover what’s behind the curtain of reality or politics. This is a place for people having a practice that does not fit solely in a single field; artists, engineers, architects, philosophers gather without boundaries to collaborate into defining a society that lives in balance with its environment and citizens.

The activities of thr34d5 are declined in two axes.

Semantics & Analogy: Strategic Design Education & Consultancy

By having an interdisciplinary group with a wide scope of points of view we get the wildest and richest ideas on the table to solve a problem or translate a phenomenon into a new media. Project Managers are trained into curating and implementing the best of the emerging strategies for each case.
This practice applies for transferring knowledge as much as developing a project; leading workshops in participative and awakening or empowering ways for all publics is an important part of our identity.

unArchitecture medialab: Research & Development

This medialab explores new paradigms in design semantics and ways of uncovering knowledge – with no limits on the type of media that we mobilize. One can encounter Applied Research Programs in this space. These ARP are proposed by thr34d5 to citizens, external partners, public institutions, or funders, and support radical narratives linked to the post-anthropocentric philosophy. These ARP produce open source knowledge.