Kombucha Tsugi

In an effort to design for the post-Anthropocene, we are in the search for Care to take over Consumption. The work we are proposing is composed of a suitcase and a vest for gamekeepers. The work interpretes the Japanese tradition of gold repaired ceramics (kintsugi) into both the physical and digital scapes to foster a novel understanding of crafts, open crafts.

The suitcase, as the central piece,  features the necessary hardware to take care of things on-the-go by using kombucha (bacterial cellulose): a leather sewing kit, duct tape, turpentine, beeswax, linen oil, scissors, to name a few. It is distributed as an open design on an online git-like platform. It is an amenable toolkit to grow bacterial cellulose and repair (almost) anything with the medium. Each agent owns both the vocabulary of this community-focused philosophy. 

The vest is then designed both as an example of how kombucha can fill-in the cracks from clothes wearing, and as a contemporary reinterpretation of the traditional gamekeepers. It is meant to be half loose on the chest; the left side of the chest is composed of strips of organic cotton, unsewn under the arm but that can be tightened with the kombucha belt. Strips of kombucha are made available like a brooch on the vest to be easily picked and placed.

The peculiar aesthetics of bacterial cellulose transforms the repaired artefact into a topographical flagship: we Care.

Kombucha tsugi, thr34d5 medialab (2019).
Natural coton, kombucha pellicle.
Model: Maša Burgić.