kinoko torii

kinoko torii is a toy for children 3-12 years old, made out of mycelium, recycled textiles and smart textiles.

kinoko torii is as a set of three collectible toys that form a family. Their shapes enable them to stand alone or to hug each other.

Through the soft lighting they emit when connected to its base, the kinoko torii become a night light at sleeping time.

kinoko torii also offers a pedagogical experience on mycelium, on sustainable materials and on electronics to children.

The possibility also exists for children to make their own, one more kinoko torii to add to the family.

In complement to the three collectible toys, a DIY kit is available to create that new kinoko torii, containing instructions for children, instructions for adults, clay for shaping, silicon for the molds and substrate and enabling to extend the collectibles into a variety of other forms and family members, discovering mycelium and its growth process.

kinoko torii will be made available through a crowdfunding starting on the 1st of June 2023. Register here to get word!

The kinoko torii project is a partnership between thr34d5 and smart textile designers Sara+Sarah, funded thanks to the EU Worth Partnership Project.